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Our Program Highlights

We now offer 100% direct ship and online fundraiser programs!
   New this year  2021 the exclusive FARM TO TABLE PROGRAM! With over 600 items from wild caught local seafood to steaks, poultry and deserts. Shipped directly to your groups customers with the catalogue 100% online! huge profits no hassle! monthly reports & electronic deposits, all *sales tax and shipping covered *if required by state or federal law.
And with *No minimum order or group size ! Our program works for all groups like School PTO,PTA, Day Cares , Band's & Orchestras, Sports teams , Clubs, Private School's, Church  etc. ,,,,,
And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee any problems with orders we handle directly with seller to make sure they are totally satisfied!
Our Incentive programs like "pure profit" are great for small groups.
  Our *" family food rewards" gives larger sales the choice to add 1 item FREE  for every 5 items  sold as a thank you to INCREASE SALES!
*This is on our in house programs only! please call and ask.
  Please contact us for more information,
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